Katie Price says she’s ‘devastated’ that conman robbed her fans of thousands and vows to seek justice

Katie Price says she’s ‘devastated’ that conman robbed her fans of thousands and vows to seek justice

KATIE Price has said she is “devastated” that a conman has robbed her fans of thousand of pounds.
The mortified reality star, 43, has vowed to seek justice for them after The Sun revealed she was paid to promote a rogue trader on Instagram.
5Katie Price has said she is devastated after a conman stole from her fansCredit: 3Kate Dalrymple has lost nearly a month’s wages after falling for the scamIn a statement today, the mum-of-five said: “I am absolutely devastated to receive the news about this rogue trader Josh Chandler, if that’s even his real name, he has conned not only me but my family, friends, loyal fans and supporters.
“I want to thank Action Fraud for reaching out, for working with me in investigating this awful situation. 
“This is precisely why Harvey’s Law is yet again so relevant, if we had the much-needed support channels in place and required by law to provide IDs to be set up on social media accounts then people like this so called Josh Chandler would not be able to hide themselves, target vulnerable people.  
“My heart goes out to all those that this conman’s deceit has affected, I pledge to you all I will seek justice. Katie x”
The Sun told how Katie was  was paid to tell her 2.6million followers about currency “whiz” Josh Chandler.
My heart goes out to all those that this conman’s deceit has affectedKatie Price
Kate Dalrymple, 40, a nurse from Newcastle upon Tyne, says Katie should pay back £825 — nearly a month’s wages — that she lost.
“Josh” guaranteed her £1,250 if she transferred £100. She sent the cash and was then told to pay a “release fee” of £725 — and told she’d get over £4,000.
Kate says she lost almost all her £1,140-a-month salary. She has reported the scam to Action Fraud and at least five others were tricked.
On at least two occasions Katie went on Instagram Stories to praise Chandler, urging others to invest their money to make a “safe income”.
Katie is believed to have received around £3,000 per post.
The former glamour model, once worth £40million, was declared bankrupt in 2019. In April it emerged she still owes £3.2million to creditors.
5Katie addressed the conman in a statement todayCredit: Instagram5Kate was warned by her bank but was convinced Katie Price wouldn’t promote anything fraudulentSpot the conBy Daniel Jones, Consumer Editor

IF a money-making scheme seems too good to be true, it probably is — so steer clear.
Unusual investments, or those offering returns that dwarf what a bank offers, are usually scams.
Crooks jump on the latest trends. Many are now pushing Bitcoin or crypto investments. Never send money unless you’ve checked the firm is registered and called them on a number you can trust.
Also, be wary of advice from a celebrity. Fraudsters often mock up fake ads and include famous faces to trick their victims.

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